THANKSGIVING – Pleasant or Perilous

Thanksgiving is the unofficial start of the hurried, harried, holiday season. Reconnecting with family, especially if only during the holidays can sometimes be stressful and frustrating.

So here’s my take on that. Too many movies, too many ‘coping’ websites, too many funny but sad predictions about the dysfunctional family get-together that is Thanksgiving.

IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!!! Let’s try to remember why we’re all together in the first place. To GIVE THANKS!! If you are sitting in a chair, with the lights on, in a heated room, with people who love you (however they express it, (or don’t)), with a table, a table that has food on it, probably lots of food on it, and the football game is playing on your big screen TV in another lit and heated room, and you were able to drive, fly or bus your way to this gathering, then just know that you are doing better than 70% of the people you share this planet with. SEVENTY PERCENT!

So, if Aunt Meg is a bit of a nut-job, and Uncle Stu can only talk about his days working at the plant, or your sister’s kids have runny noses, and your brother is already tipsy when he walks through the door, or the turkey is a little dry, and the mashed potatoes are lumpy, think about the fact that you’re all together; the beautiful, messy, joyful, tearful, loving, annoying and blessed family that you are. Be grateful, say thank you.Have a wonderful, safe, and joyous Thanksgiving!

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