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Baby it’s cold outside


As we slide into the darkest part of the year, here are a few tips you help you stay happy and positive. Don’t forget that the days will start to lengthen in a few more weeks, so hang in there.

Don’t look at winter as an inconvenience, understand that running out the door without dressing appropriately will make you miserable, but being well insulated can help you enjoy the outside and perhaps find reasons to get out. Base layers, good socks and boots as well as mittens, hats and scarves should all be at the ready.

Light a bunch of candles. Candles add to the happy atmosphere by providing a soft, warm atmosphere, with light that is similar to what you’d find in the hour after sunrise or before sunset. Even the ones that are battery operated, in case you have a cat that likes to explore, will give you a warm sensation on the darkest coldest days.

Go outside. It may seem counter intuitive but getting outside for a short brisk walk will help you feel less isolated, and when you get back in you’ll appreciate the warmth and feel cozy. And the more often you venture out, the more you will be able to see and feel the subtle changes in the weather as we inch slowly towards spring. Find a buddy who loves winter and make a pact to try new outdoor activities. If you’ve always wanted to skate, take lessons, buy a used pair of snowshoes and hit the woods.



Find positivity. There will be days when the snow is drifting down, and the sun is shining and bouncing off the snow like a million little diamonds that you just can’t say it’s beautiful. C’mon, admit it. There are plenty of those days, so don’t just think about the blowing, icy ones. Tea is the perfect winter drink, so try some new ones, experiment with different chocolates to make hot cocoa, get a crock pot and start a soup club. Whatever you choose to do to keep smiling and find joy in this season will be good for you and everyone around you.






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