Finding a Bike-friendly Apartment Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

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Finding the right apartment to lease can be difficult, and that’s doubly true if you plan on bringing a bike to your new home.

Where Do You Put Your Bike?

The vast majority of apartment buildings don’t have dedicated storage space for your bikes.

If they do, the storage is in the form of uncovered outdoor bike racks that leave your bicycle subject to inclement weather and theft. No cyclist wants to leave their apartment in the morning only to find that their bike is soaked from last night’s rain or, worse, that it’s not on the rack at all.

Storing your bike inside your apartment isn’t much better. Most apartments are tight on storage space, and your bike needs to be in a location where you can access it easily. Whether you’re a bike commuter running late for work or trying to get out for a post-work ride before the sun goes down, you don’t want to be moving furniture around just to get your bike out the door.

Even if you do find a place to put your bike inside your apartment, you’re still faced with the task of carrying it down multiple flights of stairs to start your ride. Those same stairs can look pretty daunting after you’ve just come back from a big bike workout.

All of these barriers to apartment living with a bike can make it more difficult to enjoy the benefits of cycling, even when you live in a place as beautiful and bike-friendly as Vermont.

Apartment Bike-friendly Spaces

Thankfully, Liberty House at Cambrian Rise understands the needs of cyclists and the challenges that traditional apartment buildings pose for them. That’s why Liberty House offers a secure internal bike storage room for all residents. You can rest assured that your bike is safe from weather and thieves, and Liberty House’s internal storage space ensures that you’re not wasting valuable riding time trying to wrest your bike from a coat closet or from behind your couch.

On top of that, Liberty House offers a designated area for bike maintenance so you can keep your bike running smoothly. Did you notice a weird clicking sound during your last ride? At Liberty House, you have the space and tools needed to fix the problem immediately rather than let it get worse because you don’t have time to go to the bike shop.

Liberty House at Cambrian Rise is the most bike-friendly apartment complex in Vermont. If you’re looking for a better home for you and your bike, contact us today!

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