Why Burlington’s New North End is Perfect for Apartment Living

Burlington’s New North End is, historically, the suburban outpost of Burlington, with more single family homes than rental opportunities.  The secret that Burlington’s New North Enders don’t want the world to know is that the New North End (NNE) contains the best that Burlington has to offer: parks + open space, great schools and multi-modal transportation options with easy access to downtown Burlington.  Renting in the NNE is a great way to get to know the neighborhood and all that it has to offer.

Fun fact: containing one-third of the population of Burlington, the NNE is actually Burlington’s most populous neighborhood!

A Quiet Moment, A Fun Event and/or Exercise – Amazing Access to Burlington’s Parks!

Burlington’s NNE is home to the lion’s share of the City’s parks.  Burlington is home to approximately 520 acres of City owned and operated parks that fall into various categories, including: Urban Wilds, Regional Parks, and Neighborhood Parks.  With approximately 350 acres spread across 10+ parks, the NNE parks have something for everyone! You can swim or go camping at North Beach + Campground, explore the history and iconic homonymous tower of Ethan Allen Park, ice skate, swim or picnic at Leddy Park and Arena, play baseball, basketball or tennis at Appletree Park, take your dog off leash at Starr Farm Dog Park or garden in the adjacent community gardens. Enjoy the miles of the Burlington Bikepath that run along the entire western edge of the NNE!

Great Schools

Burlington prides itself on its system of neighborhood schools.  With some of the best grade schools in the city, it also boasts the only high school – Burlington High School (BHS).  Burlington Continuing Education also operates from BHS and offers adult learning classes at Burlington High School – learn beekeeping basics, French for travelers or Pysansky-Ukranian Egg Dying (all Burlington Tech Center adult offerings in Spring 2017).

Or, learn in the outdoor classrooms of Burlington’s “Urban Wilds”: birdwatch at Northshore Natural Wetlands, identify rare species of plants at the Arms Grant Property, study the “odd natural history, fused with centuries of urban planning evolution at Calvary Red Maple Wetlands or explore the “Intervale Sea Caves” at Arthur Park. 

Multi-modal Transportation Options

You have a lot of options to leave your car at home, if you reside in the NNE.  You can bike, swim, walk, boat or take the bus to work from the NNE.  Hop on the bike path at multiple locations and bike, walk, blade or jog to work. Get in your kayak, canoe or powerboat along the lake and dock in downtown Burlington.  Enjoy the new separated bike lanes along North Avenue.  Take the #7 bus from multiple points along the Avenue and enjoy 15 minute lead times during rush hours – the most frequent service in the city – and, from the City’s new downtown transportation hub, connect with local and regional bus services or walk to your destination.

Renting in the NNE will provide you with a lot of really great options – close enough to enjoy all that downtown Burlington has to offer with the option of enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep at the end of a busy day!


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