Making the shift to car-light/car-free living with CarShare Vermont

Cars are super convenient. They get us where we need to go quickly and efficiently, and in a place like Vermont, we all need access to a car sometimes. But what if having access to a car didn’t mean having to take on the financial expense and hassle of owning one?

For the past 10 years CarShare Vermont has been on a mission to provide a convenient, affordable, and reliable alternative to car ownership to help people get around for less money and less impact on the environment.

How it works

Our vehicles are available by the hour or day, and you can reserve them anytime, 24/7 using our free mobile app. They’re parked in convenient locations throughout Burlington just a short walk, bike, or bus ride away for most residents. We’ve also partnered with local developers like our friends at Farrell Properties to make it easy (and free!) to join CarShare Vermont and use a vehicle parked right outside your door! 

Meet Rufus.

Rufus is a Toyota Prius c that lives at Cambrian Rise. Join today using the promo code CAMBRIANRISE and we’ll waive your annual membership fee so you can take Rufus for a spin! Visit or call (802) 861-2340 to learn more & apply.

Walk. Bike. Bus. Share.

For many people having access to CarShare Vermont is the missing link that makes going car-free or getting rid of a second car doable. That definitely was the case for Liberty House residents Thomas and Michele Bloch.

“We first chose to trial CarShare Vermont to see if it was possible to go car free. A few months into being members, we made the leap to selling our car in June 2016 and have not looked back since.  Using CarShare Vermont has enabled us to live more aligned to our values of being environmentally conscious, living an active and healthy lifestyle, and minimizing our possessions. Having Rufus right outside our building is incredibly convenient. Thank you CarShare Vermont for the opportunity you have afforded us!”

Want to learn more about how CarShare Vermont and other sustainable transportation options could work for you? Join us for a Transportation Alternatives event on Tuesday, August 20, from 4-6pm at Liberty House to get more information and enjoy some free lemonade and hot dogs!

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