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Everything Busy Parents Need to Stage Their Home and Save Money Doing It

Staging your condo or townhome for sale helps set your unit apart from the competition and allows you to possibly close a sale faster. But when you’re a busy parent, the prospect of keeping your home show-ready for weeks is a daunting one. How are you supposed to stay on top of daily cleaning when work and childcare already take all of your time?


There’s no denying that selling a home is busy and chaotic, especially in the competitive Burlington real estate market, which frequently draws in buyers thanks to its climate and the welcoming community. However, if you use that as an excuse to skimp on cleaning and staging, you’ll cause yourself more grief than you save; if your home isn’t presentable, you’ll spend longer on the market and get lower offers. That means more time spent chasing your kids’ messes and less money in your pocket on closing day.

If saving money and time is important, maintaining a show-ready home is the smartest thing you can do. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. With each of the cleaning and staging must-haves listed below, you’ll find money-saving tips that keep your costs to a minimum.

A One-Time Deep Cleaning

Before you list your home, you need to address its mess. Even the cleanest homes accumulate grime over the years, especially in out-of-the-way spaces like underneath appliances.

A professional cleaning is the best way to get your home sparkling when you don’t have days to spend on DIY deep cleaning. Save money on maid service by only hiring help for high-traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms, while handling bedrooms and home offices yourself. Since most cleaning services charge by the hour, make sure your home is tidy so you’re not paying for clutter clean-up.

Time-Saving Technology

The next challenge: keeping your home clean. If you don’t have extra time for housekeeping, invest in technology that takes chores off your list. The Roomba handles the daily vacuuming, the Braava jet cleans hard floors, an automatic litter box stops pets from stinking up the house, and an air purifier keeps odors and allergens at bay so your home always feels fresh. These gadgets can easily take a bite out of your budget, but it’s well worth the time you gain. And if you hunt for discounts like these coupons before shopping, you can score these high-tech helpers for well under their retail price.

Stylish Clutter Solutions

You’ve dealt with the dust and dirt, but what about the clutter kids inevitably create? Rather than trying to change habits overnight, devise storage solutions that allow you to hide messes away.

Instead of sticking clutter into closets and cabinets, where buyers are almost guaranteed to look, use storage bins and baskets to hide toys, homework, and other everyday items. Crate and Barrel has a great selection of storage baskets that double as décor, but for areas where you need more function than style, like kids’ bedrooms, opt for inexpensive nesting bins and bento containers from companies like Rubbermaid.

Protection for Couches and Carpets

A juice spill on the carpet an hour before a showing is every parent’s worst nightmare when selling a home. As wild as kids can be, you don’t have to accept major messes as an inevitability. Instead, take steps to protect upholstery and carpet once it’s clean. You could invest in custom slipcovers and area rugs, but a more budget-friendly approach is protecting furniture with throw blankets and laying inexpensive, lightweight rugs in high-traffic areas. When a showing is scheduled, remove and store barriers to reveal the spotless home underneath. Overstock is a great source of discounted rugs and floor mats.

Maintaining a show-ready home doesn’t only speed up your sale — it also helps you get into your new home. Buying in Burlington is more competitive than ever, and sellers aren’t willing to delay closings while a buyer’s home sells. By getting your condo sold quickly with these time- and money-saving tips, you give yourself a leg up getting into your next home.

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