Learn more about the Cambrian Rise Neighborhood, located in Burlington VT.

A community upholding the principles of sustainability, diversity and a healthy lifestyle

Cambrian Rise is a new planned community that incorporates inclusive living spaces and inspiring working environments, anchoring the north end of Burlington's waterfront campus. The first comprehensive development of its kind in Vermont, Cambrian Rise is where sustainable living, community engagement, and business innovation come together as a beacon of possibility for Burlington and beyond.

The design of buildings and land improvements preserve natural resources and native vegetation. At Cambrian Rise, neighbors can take advantage of diverse housing opportunities and live-work environments. Fitness facilities, pedestrian friendly streets, biking, hiking, and swimming promote a healthy lifestyle.

Bike around and beyond the Cambrian Rise neighborhood

Located just off the Burlington Bike Path, with access to over 30 miles of public trails and paved paths

Cambrian Rise apartment buildings include fitness centers

Fitness centers within residential buildings and easy access to recreational areas

Church Street Marketplace in Burlington VT is a bustling hub of shopping, dining, arts and events just minutes away from Cambrian Rise

Minutes from downtown Burlington’s Church Street marketplace for shopping, dining and events

Hike near Cambrian Rise on Vermont trails

Only an hour away from the largest summit in VT, take to the trails for a scenic hike in the area surrounding Cambrian Rise

Visit the local farmers markets around Burlington VT

Attend a farmer’s markets in the area, featuring locally sourced food, products and art, to get involved and support local businesses

Dining out in Burlington VT is easy. Picking a cuisine for dinner can be tough with all the great options! #LIVEBTV

Casual and fine dining options are within walking, biking and driving distance – pick a cuisine!

Named for the History of the Land

The Cambrian Rise name is shared with a geological feature running along the East side of Lake Champlain. The Cambrian Thrust consists of lower rock from the Cambrian period that has been forced up through new rock. During the Cambrian period, simple cell organisms evolved into complex life forms. This moment of evolution is also known as the Cambrian Explosion, and the Cambrian Rise neighborhood reflects this history of flourishing diversity.

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